Avai Amos Murray Shram

Avai Amos Murray Shram



"Wellspring of the Father's Supernatural Power"

God gave me this name for him when I was still a teenager. I had been learning about how God thinks generationally, and I asked God about my kids.

He said, "You will have a firstborn son, and his name will be Avai. And he will demonstrate my supernatural power." 

I didn't know what his name meant so I began searching for the meaning. The closest name I could find was the Hebrew name "Avi", which means "wellspring".

The added "A" is from God's preferred name: Abba.



"Strong, Brave, Carried"

Leisha and I spent an unexpected afternoon at a park in Nipawin. We decided to take the time we had to figure out middle names. We wanted him to have two middle names like I do–we found and loved Amos almost right away. 

When we looked up the meaning, we knew this name was for him. I felt he would need to be "strong and brave" for the adventure God had in store for his life–but the final meaning sealed it for me. 


I knew my son would live a life free from striving because he would always be carried. Carried by Leisha and I. Carried by his grandparents and our closest friends. Carried by Jesus.



"Lord of the Sea" • "By the Sea"

This is a middle name tradition. My great-grandfather was named Murray. My dad is Kendall Murray Shram, and I am Connor Andrew Murray Shram. Now Avai carries on the tradition.

I've spent a lot of time thinking about the expanse of God's love, and the freedom it entails: we are thrown into the great expanse of a beautiful, dangerous world. The sea of His love is further than the horizon we can see. I wanted my son to know, and to carry, the authority of a man whose purpose was to traverse the seas of life with clarity and conviction. He is born to be a leader.

With the second meaning–"By the Sea"–the entirety of the meaning becomes clear:

He will be one carried by the sea. The seas of God's love and grace.



Our last name is a Yiddish slang for "scar".

Allow me to be unapologetically sentimental for a moment. I am a dad now–I can afford to be cheesy. I promise you'll never catch me in "Mom Jeans", so I can afford some Hallmark-level sappiness from time to time.

He has certainly marked me forever.