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The Year of the Scapegoat is Upon Us

The placemats at Chinese restaurants were a weird thrill to me. I wasn’t allowed to read the placemats, because they were considered evil in my family, so we’d flip them over before the meal. Well, I’ve decided to ignore my own religious misgivings and tell you the truth about our year ahead.

We have officially entered into the Year of the Scapegoat.

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One Astonishing Thing About Christmas Just Doesn't Get Old

We religious folks put a great deal of thought into Christmas. It’s a time of year where everyone else celebrates with us, even if they enjoy the holidays a little different than we do. Of course, we also like to imagine that very first Christmas–and we like to put ourselves right in the Nativity scene. What would it have been like to be alive in Bethlehem, about two-thousand years ago?

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