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The Unparalleled Album For White People To Cry To

I attempt to capture the very best of things by offering my own, very prestigious award to outstanding works in my very own made-up categories. The “SHRAMMIES” are less like an Oscar and more like a wrestling belt, so be prepared for my favourite things to be dethroned by new bloodthirsty challengers.


“The Unparalleled Album For White People To Cry To” 

Goes to…

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Funny Secrets the Gym Uncovered About My Life

I’ve been going to the gym. There, I said it once and never again. I’m not trying to be your inspiration, or anybody else’s. I’m just looking to find enough for myself! I don’t have a great plan and I’m not always consistent in my eating. But going to the gym has helped me understand some stuff about life I wouldn’t have learned any other way. And none of it has to do with personal fitness in particular.

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