COMMUNION SONGS: My Love Don't Cost a Thing

Part Three is about sacrifice. What does God really think of our efforts to be righteous and pure? Why are we so driven to make ourselves acceptable to others, and why are we so innately dissatisfied with ourselves? Does God require us to make sacrifices? Is it possible He sees sacrifice much differently than we do?



In Part Two, we talk about love. How do we create a sense of community where everyone is valued? Why does it seem like some communities are constantly fighting wars of attrition? Is it important to try to be unified, or can we somehow discover how we already are?


In this sermon series, Connor explores what it means to commune with God and with others through the radical example of Jesus.

In Part One, we talk about hope. Why should we get our hopes up, if things are going bad in the world? Where does God place his hope? Where is God when we're bleeding? And what should we put our hope in when we're suffering?

No Church In The Wild

What does it mean for the church to influence culture? 

Exactly how are we called to be a city on a hill? 

Jesus sets a subversive example by how he dances around cultural divides for the sake of protecting the oppressed, at the expense of His own reputation. In this message, Connor explores all the times Jesus contradicted the crowds and set a new way forward.

Bad Blood

Does Jesus save us because we ask Him to, or is He in our corner even when we're wrong? What does it mean to be an advocate for someone? Is there ever grounds to deal with conflict through accusation?

And yes, this message is brought to you by my feud with Taylor Swift.

The Dial #3

IN THIS EPISODE: Jordan's 30th Birthday! Sneaky Minaj. Spider-Man News! Chemex coffee.

"The Dial" is a show centred around espresso, and the art of dialling it in. Connor and his friend Jordan Ethridge discuss coffee and culture live and unfiltered, in the best shop in the world: Collective Coffee.

The War On Terror

"The War On Terror" is about how God's sacrificial love has already defeated evil. In this message, Connor shares about how God's peace conquers fear, chaos and evil–without coercion. His world is getting better!

The Hard Canadian #4

IN THIS EPISODE: Denny has a bone to pick with the Town of Dalmeny. He's like the Rosa Parks of pond rink protests.

"The Hard Canadian" captures real conversations with my friend Denny. Sometimes, his rougher language slips through the filter–Denny is nothing but honest.

He Remains Forgiving

What gives God the right to forgive us as He does? How does God respond to serial killers?Why does Jesus call forgiven people to forgive one another? How does God reconcile the world within Himself?This message highlights the unchanging aspect of God's forgiving nature.

CONversations: CHRIS CRUZ - "Heroes & Myths"

On CONversations, we dive into a topic and talk it to death! Join us as Connor and his friends explore pop culture, faith, the zeitgeist, and all the cool things Connor's friends are doing with their lives. 

On This Episode: Chris Cruz joins Connor to talk about superheroes and their influence on culture and faith!

9 Paces: Boyd

"9 Paces" is about discovering the humanity all around us. I set up the mic, walk nine paces away, and interview a stranger. What will we discover in the people all around us?

On This Episode: Boyd jumps right in and shares his glory-filled hockey history. 

The Dial #2

On this episode: How to clean the group-heads. Kim Kardashian latte art! A guest with colourful language. The merits of arguing naked. 

Expect the bustle of a busy shop, along with the sounds of the espresso machine running, throughout our conversation. 

Come to the Table

What does it mean to be a spiritual family? What does it feel like to belong? Connor shares a message on walking and growing together in relationship at Tribe Young Adults in Redding, CA. 

9 Paces: Sherry

"9 Paces" is about discovering the humanity all around us. I set up the mic, walk nine paces away, and interview a stranger. What will we discover in the people all around us?

In this episode: Sherry.