In this sermon series, Connor explores what it means to commune with God and with others through the radical example of Jesus.

In Part One, we talk about hope. Why should we get our hopes up, if things are going bad in the world? Where does God place his hope? Where is God when we're bleeding? And what should we put our hope in when we're suffering?

"Bleeding Love" is about how we can get our hopes up, even in the worst possible circumstances, because God has placed his hope in us.

COMMUNION SONGS is a series about Faith, Hope, and Love‚Äďand how the person of Jesus inspires us all. In COMMUNION SONGS, Connor uses this three-part series to explore the nature of God's love and how it creates connection among all Creation. We grow in our ability to love one another when we see how God has loved us.

And yes, this one is named after a Leona Lewis track.

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